Dovek: The Last of his Kind

Erin Fabbroni – Year 8 Student

Editor’s Note: This superb piece of writing was completed in response to a Year 8 English task to introduce a character within a recognisable genre. The text has not been edited from its original format. MJP

Many years ago, thousands of years ago, there was a great planet. Many people lived on this planet and they lived peacefully. As with all civilisations though they had inevitably became bored with being peaceful and felt the need to kill their own kind. Except on this planet, in this civilisation they didn’t kill their own kind, they killed the mutations.

From beneath the planet’s surface, the mutations came, lurking in tunnels.

Billions died that day. Fathers, sons, daughters and mothers; all gone. Turned to dust or left to bleed across the ground. All of their kind dead.

Except one.

This one was left by himself, floating unconsciously through space. His grey-blue skin was stained with a distinct bronze liquid. It smelled of magnesium and coated his hands and clothes. There was no mistaking that it was the blood of his people. All of his family were lost.

As he woke he did so as if a bolt of lightning had struck him; his eyes shot open. In the darkness, their green hue almost seemed to glow. His shaking hands touched his face as he sought for the source of his pain. Shortly his pointed fingers found the gash, trailing from his cheekbone to the corner of his mouth. The bleeding had stopped but the skin was still exposed. Ignoring it, he stared into the vast nothingness, remembering his planet.

Granthalor V.  It meant death-killer in his language. He disagreed. They had brought the mutations, and now his people were dead.

Dovek Slejks. That was his name. The last of his kind.

Dovek had been a father once. His two daughter, Ila and Sylko. He remembered them outside watering the Holanises. Their favourite plant. It grew bell shaped flowers that would ring at dawn; the sunlight caused movement. He floated into the void, hearing the sound of the Holanises play in his head.

Then a scream.

Then more.

The screams of billions of Granthalorians ringing in his head.

Cursing him.

Nothing – only silence and pain.

Writhing with agony he reached a deadspace, where everything stood still.

So he did. Dovek stood still.

Erin Fabbroni

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