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Editor’s Foreward

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Flaka – Chief Editor

My name is Flaka. I started the Science Magazine in school because I wanted to spread my love of science to other people, and get them engaged in communicating science well. My aim is to have people produce writing that is first and foremost scientifically accurate, but also well explained in the sense that a non-specialist in that field would be able to understand what it is about. For myself, my objective is to pull it all together and produce a magazine that looks professional, mirroring the style of New Scientist, for example. My philosophy is that authors should be the ones learning from their mistakes; I make sure my editors are aware that, other than simple grammatical and spelling mistakes, they are to point out changes for the authors to make so that they can learn how to be better writers and science communicators. This magazine is meant to be a place for people to learn, including myself. I hope to learn how to manage people effectively to create a product that is a culmination of the efforts of many different people, who should all be credited appropriately for their work within the magazine. Flaka

Editorial Team

Flaka – Chief Editor

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