Jack - Year 12 Student Editor's note: Tasked with writing a short story entitled 'Imprisoned', Year 12 student Jack's work really stood out for its effective use of deliberately crafted paragraphs, varied vocabulary, and the way in which it shows, rather then tells, the reader the story. CPD/KLK Imprisoned  I was standing in the chamber … Continue reading Imprisoned

Coronavirus: ‘a boon to the world’s authoritarians, tyrants and bigots’?

Dorotea - Year 9 Student Editor's Note: This wonderful Prezi presentation was researched and created by Dorotea Y9 in response to a recent task set in English (see below). The stimulus for the task was a recent quote from Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian, 2020), "Still, for now, the pandemic has been a boon to the … Continue reading Coronavirus: ‘a boon to the world’s authoritarians, tyrants and bigots’?

Is “a sad tale best for winter”?

Charis - GSAL Alumna (2019 Leaver) Editor's Note: Former student Charis (2019 Leaver) was an editorial member of Salutaris, the Sixth Form academic journal, during her time at GSAL. This thought-provoking essay was originally published in Salutaris 2019, a project led by Mrs Gray, E-Learning Designer. CPD An interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragicomedy and its name Shakespeare’s The Winter’s … Continue reading Is “a sad tale best for winter”?

‘New Assignment’: the evil, soul-destroying message

Kartik - Year 10 Student Editor's Note: Written as part of his studies in English Language, the sense of threat and the lack of opportunity for escape comes across really strongly in this edited version of Kartik’s longer piece. The phrase ‘New Assignment’ may also strike fear in the hearts of those posting them during … Continue reading ‘New Assignment’: the evil, soul-destroying message