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Editor’s Foreword

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George Gearty – Chief Editor

Politics in Review returns as the Brexit battle has reached a climax. The arduous journey of exiting the EU has culminated with another delay. Three years after the referendum and two Prime Ministers later, two deals have been agreed and two deadlines have passed but the UK has not left yet. Evidently, the current parliamentary make-up wasn’t willing to deliver the demands from the largest democratic mandate in our history and so an election was the only path. In addition to further evaluation of the election and the parties, this volume provides detailed coverage of the landmark supreme court ruling and a summary of Boris Johnson’s premiership so far.

The theme of this copy is power and responsibility: the balance between exerting power and obeying the rule of law. With this we explore the abilities of both the US and UK executive, whilst also establishing the boundaries to their power and what constrains them. Furthermore, there is an explanation of judicial review in America and whether that could or already is developing at home. We also discuss the distribution of power within the UK and how this might change with Brexit.

Politics in Review would like to remind its readers that this is an independent journal, published entirely by politics students. Therefore, the opinions expressed in this journal are the opinions of the contributors and not the opinions of the school. GG

Editorial Team

George Gearty – Chief Editor
Josh Grier – Deputy Editor


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George Gearty – Chief Editor

This new Journal aims to assemble the noteworthy news from the term into one comprehensive document and offer a variety of views on the controversial issues that are dominating today’s political agenda. In this edition, Politics in Review will cover all the riveting news from Westminster and a summary of the recent events in Washington, from the downfall of May’s premiership to the triumphant performances from the smaller parties in 2019. Additionally, a comprehensive assessment of the Tory leadership contenders is provided on page (14). Finally, GSAL’s finest political minds have constructed stimulating and informative articles on their chosen topic related to this volume’s theme: BREXIT. GG

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