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Running independently of The GSAL Journal, but certainly in the same academic and community spirit, the current iteration of the student-led newspaper is called inspired. It is run by a small team of dedicated student editors and contributors who meet regularly to write about all aspects of school life. The newspaper is published as a Sway, with one issue per term.

If you have an interesting GSAL story to tell, or would simply like to find out more about getting involved, please speak to one of the Senior Student Editors – Onella N and Eri P in Year 11.

Onella N & Eri P – Senior Student Editors (Year 11)

Latest Issues

Read all about it here: Issue 01: Winter 2022

Editorial (December, 2022)

The winter season has arrived, and so here at inspired. we thought it was the perfect time to release our first ever issue. Get ready for some thought- provoking articles, feel-good reviews and all things creative. The beauty of our online format is that you can read it on the go or in a stationary position (along with a refreshment if you wish). The choice is up to you!

Mixing school and newspapers is always a fickle thing – ‘Is this neutral enough?’, ‘What will engage the students?’, ‘Will the teachers be interested in this? ’etc. So at inspired., we’ve brought together students from different year groups to give you a taste of their lives at GSAL. We hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in sports, theatre, music, books or anything else, you’re in the right place! We want to ensure that everyone can find something here that interests them – if there’s something you feel is missing, or you simply want to give us some feedback, then head on over to our feedback section! It’s at the end of the issue.

This issue is a special one for our team – and especially us editors – as it’s our very first. This newspaper first came into the works last summer when we thought it would be fun, interesting and simply exciting to create our very own school newspaper and it feels like a pinch-me moment that our first issue is out. We’ve been tirelessly making plans, notes, organising meetings since then, and to see this finally come to fruition in this format before you is thrilling! We hope you can share our enthusiasm – and look forward to the next issue in spring!

If you have not already guessed, our name is the end of the ubiquitous GSAL motto ‘Be inspired’, (and yes, we did decide to keep the lower case and the full-stop just to make it cooler). It was actually our friend who came up with this idea, and the name seemed to fit with the concept straight away- as after all, the members of the inspired. feel inspired to write articles, reviews and short stories, and in turn that inspires the rest of the student body to expand their creative focus. You could call it a ripple effect.

Until next time, have a wonderful winter holiday, and a happy New Year!

Publication Archive

The Scribe was the student-led newspaper from 2020-2022. You can view the archive here.