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Do you want to know and learn about politics around the world? Do you want to know about the latest in pop culture, art and music? Do you want advice, recommendations and a plethora of information in one simple website? Do you want to know about untold stories or simply stories about our school, our community? Welcome to our brand new platform that will do just that! The Scribe will delve into these different narratives and explore an array of different areas that will interest you; for example, from GSAL news to the enticing world of musical theatre. Our creative team of editors are passionate to handcraft stories, tackle challenges and to write to inform you on anything and everything. So are you ready? Be inspired! Editorial Board

Current Affairs

As the media becomes filled with nuances and debates, it is vital that we are able to share opinions on what is important to us as individuals and as a community, no matter how big. By doing so, we have the potential to adapt into a better society that will one day belong to us, and the more we construct our opinions and share them with each other the more chance we have of succeeding as a generation. The current affairs page is the perfect place to discuss, persuade and, we hope, amuse, whilst informing readers on current affairs and beliefs. It should be a welcoming space for the curious and the opinionated ones amongst you!

Arts & Lifestyle

The arts and lifestyle side of The Scribe is a place for you to voice your opinions. It is an opportunity for students to not only explore, criticise and appreciate a range of interests, but also to observe how broader issues and themes in society are expressed through the arts, sports, etc. How is your favourite book important in today’s political climate? How does the latest album comment on contemporary problems? We want your reviews and opinion pieces to focus big ideas into creative pockets of popular culture. We welcome a range of articles from book and music reviews; to sports coverage; to trend pieces on the latest fashions to sweep the nation. So please, embrace your inner AA Gill or Ann Powers and cultivate your interests through writing with The Scribe.


Welcome to the GSAL News section of The Scribe, where we report on activities and events happening within our school community. Whether you have recently competed in a sports match, performed in a musical ensemble or taken part in a house competition, we would love to hear what you have to say. You might be inclined to write a review of the school play or maybe you want to publish an article on the latest Maths Olympiad; whatever your interests and hobbies, The Scribe has a space for you. So pick up a pen, be inspired and get writing!

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Do you have an interesting story to share? Would you like to offer an opinion on anything that you have read in The Scribe? Are you interested in journalism and looking to develop relevant skills? Are you keen to get involved with The Scribe? Or do you simply have some constructive feedback to help make The Scribe better? Please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

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