The Scribe: Editorial Board

Editors 2022-23

Esther O – Chief Editor (Year 12)

Abby J-J, Aryan G, Jenni J, Lewis W, Morgan W & Rayan E – Deputy Editors (Year 12)

Meet the Team

Hi, I am Esther! I have a passion for politics and RS, specifically subjects regarding ethics and philosophy as they allow me to discuss thought provoking questions regarding our existence and our behaviour as a society. Additionally, I particularly enjoy drama and theatre studies as they allow me to explore my creativity as a performer and enable me to brainstorm my creative ideas with others. In the future, I would be interested in working behind the scenes as a director or screenwriter in drama productions. Outside of academic studies, I love to read and watch new films, especially psychological thrillers.

Esther O


Editors 2021-22

Julia C, William L & Francesca M – Chief Editors (Year 12)

Amelia M, Weza M & Adella M – Deputy Editors (Year 12)

Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Adella. I love creative writing, media production and art, and take great interest in current world events, particularly in relation to geography and climate change. I also enjoy the study of the English language; I find it fascinating to explore how English has developed into the language we recognise today, as well as how it continues to evolve. Outside of school, I am a film enthusiast and spend much of my time making and watching films.

Adella M

Hello! I am Francesca, and I love English and journalism. Over lockdown I wasted many hours sat reading in my garden. A few of my favourite writers include Gustave Flaubert and Vladimir Mayakovsky. I am very excited to begin working on the student newspaper, as journalism is a section of literature that I am passionate about. Some of my favourite journalists include George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson. I hope I can help to make The Scribe a space for all students to share their opinions and interests.

Francesca M

I’m a Year 12 student, Julia. Journalism has always been a passion of mine so I’m extremely excited to be one of the Chief Editors of The Scribe. Last year I was a finalist for The BBC Young Reporter Competition and I have previously interviewed writers such as Sarah Waters and BBC Newsnight presenter, Kirsty Wark. Alongside journalism, another ambition of mine is creative writing in which I have had plays of mine performed in London, New York and by Sir Alan Ayckbourn here in Yorkshire. When I’m not looking to hunt out a good story, I’m either cooking (albeit badly) or walking my dog, Marmalade. I hope to see you in the pages of the student news sometime soon!

Julia C

Hi, I’m Milly and I’m one of the three Deputy Editors of The Scribe. I have various passions and interests, from literature to art, and I often enjoy boring people about the things I learn in my spare time and facts I only found out the day before – particularly on the topic of Greek mythology. Although I have little experience in the editorial field, every weekend I take time to read the newspapers and pretend to understand the complicated nature of the world and current affairs so that I can enjoy the later comments pages. My favourite journalists are currently Jeremy Clarkson and Giles Coren. I am proud to be a part of something that connects GSAL as a community in news and ideas, and I hope that readers and writers will be too!

Milly M

Hello, my name is Weza! I am new to GSAL, I just started Year 12 and I’m really excited to be part of The Scribe team. Currently, I am studying Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology, and I thoroughly enjoy all of these subjects. I’m really interested in writing and learning about new and insightful stories. I think it is crucial to learn about untold stories so that we understand the world we live in today. In my spare time, I love to dance and play music, particularly the ukulele.   

Weza M

Hi I’m William, a humanities student with a love of maths. I really appreciate the better understanding of the world that history gives me, whether through the study of the JFK conspiracy or modern China; I am fascinated by economics, ‘the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life,’ for the same reason. My newfound preoccupation with statistics has helped me to develop the art of lying (and occasionally telling the truth), very handy when indulging in my favourite pastime: arguing. Music is one of my passions, and I enjoy sharing it with others.

William L