The GSAL Journal is the student-led academic journal of the Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL). Produced primarily by students and intended for a wide audience, this online publication is designed to be a space for students of all ages and abilities to share their passion, curiosity and creativity across all academic subjects and wider areas of interest.

This exciting project started life as the VI Academic Extension Newsletter, evolving naturally through integration with Salutaris, the Sixth Form academic journal, before migrating online to become The GSAL Journal. The Journal aims to create an inclusive, stimulating and academically-enriching environment based around a desire to participate, engage and learn through experience, debate and reflection. Four student-led partner publications are currently in circulation, further broadening the scope of the project: the Humanities Journal, Science Magazine, Politics in Review and inspired., the student newspaper, are all welcome additions to The GSAL Journal community.

The GSAL Journal brings together diverse student contributions from all walks of school life, including but not limited to Faculty Leaders, 2008 Society (GSAL’s critical thinking group), Media Society and UPSoc (GSAL’s equity and diversity group), for example. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for the sourcing, collation, peer review and publication of content; they take a leading role in developing high quality, inspirational content that is both relevant and engaging for our current generation of young people. From writing and podcasting through to vlogging and even documentary film making, The GSAL Journal provides students with the opportunity to showcase their brilliance.

All content in The GSAL Journal is systematically organized using categories and tags, and is easily searchable by key words. If your particular area of interest is not currently visible in The GSAL Journal, why not get involved and share what you love?


If you are interested in contributing to The GSAL Journal, or becoming part of the student editorial team, please fill out this short form or speak to Mr Dodd in school to find out more. You can commit as much or as little time as you like, so please do get in touch – The GSAL Journal would love to hear from you. The GSAL Journal is also active on Twitter @gsaljournal.


The GSAL Journal aims to challenge students to think deeply and critically about the world around them, formulating their own intelligently argued opinions on relevant issues. Students are encouraged to engage in healthy debate about issues that matter to them, even if such debate is difficult and/or controversial. The GSAL Journal will not censor opinion pieces, so long as they are not abusive, racist, violent or discriminatory in nature. Readers are encouraged to offer their own comments in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section that can be found at the bottom of each article, or submit a more formal rebuttal to The GSAL Journal via the contact form. The GSAL Journal reserves the right to remove any material that it deems to be inappropriate.


In accordance with the school’s safeguarding and GDPR requirements, publicly accessible material published in The GSAL Journal refers to students only by their first name. This updated directive is effective here 10th March 2020 onwards; content published prior to this data may not reflect this policy change.

The GSAL Journal is not responsible for the content of external websites.

The views and opinions expressed in The GSAL Journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Grammar School at Leeds. The authors should not be held to their views and opinions in perpetuity as these are subject to change, revision and rethinking at any time.

The GSAL Journal seeks to maintain high editorial standards, including the fair use and attribution of third-party source material, such as digital media, as appropriate for the educational purposes of this publication. Please contact us to rectify any errors or omissions.

For more information, the full terms and conditions of use are available to view on the Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) website. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Mr C Dodd – TGJ Senior Staff Editor