Welcome to the academic extension page for Engineering, produced by the GSAL Design & Technology department. If you have any questions about any of the resources shared here, please email or speak to a member of staff in the department. Mr Bagshaw – Head of Department

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Engineering at Home

The GSAL D&T department provides a weekly engineering task, aimed at students in all year groups. The tasks can be completed at home using common household materials and tools. Students are encouraged to document their finished project, using photographs and/or video on their ‘phones, and email them to Mr Carruthers at school. ASC

Weekly Challenges

Week 3: Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Week 2: Wiggle Side Chair

Week 1: Rude Goldberg Machine

Other Resources


The Smallpeice Trust is also promoting the idea ‘Engineering at Home’, with weekly STEM challenges to keep you creating from the comfort of your own home. Try your hand at a range of different projects, with new challenges announced every Wednesday. Turn those materials you would normally send out in your recycling, into something that you can design, build and test at home. Challenge your friends and family, get creative and make it your own.