Recommended Puzzle Books

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor According to Professor Steven Clontz, “generally speaking, a puzzle is any question/problem which satisfies two properties: (1) it is designed to entertain the solver; (2) there is a well-defined solution.” Solving puzzles helps to develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. In all walks of life, from school, college and university … Continue reading Recommended Puzzle Books

Podcast: The Psychology Podcast

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor The Psychology Podcast The Psychology Podcast provides fascinating insights into the mind, brain, behaviour and creativity. Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman probes the minds of fellow psychologists, researchers, neuroscientists and more to dig deep into how we operate psychologically. Episodes like “Learning How to Learn”, “What It’s Like to Be … Continue reading Podcast: The Psychology Podcast

Podcast: In Our Time

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor In Our Time In Our Time is one of the BBC’s most successful academic discussion programmes. It covers a wide range of topics, including history, philosophy, religion, culture and science, with insightful contributions from leading academics in their chosen field. Each forty minute episode is available to download … Continue reading Podcast: In Our Time

Wider Learning Resources: Feb 2019

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor **NEW** Newsbank Newspapers GSAL subscribes to Newsbank Newspapers, a database of over 250 local, regional and national newspapers to research and track issues and events. Newsbank allows us to have access to: Customisable, map-based interface to enhance selection and search of key titles or regions; Multiple search options to … Continue reading Wider Learning Resources: Feb 2019

An Oxford Undergraduate’s Guide to… Medicine

Lexey Shipley - GSAL Alumna 2018 Written in 2018 by a first year medical student at Oxford, this unofficial guide provides a detailed, honest insight into the challenging process that aspirant medics must go through to secure a place at a leading university. Bear in mind that this guide is just one student’s reflection on … Continue reading An Oxford Undergraduate’s Guide to… Medicine

Wider Learning Resources: Nov 2018

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor **NEW** Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) Future Learn—choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. You could start with Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction, provided by the University of Leeds. EdX—a leader in its field, edX offers hundreds of online courses, many of which … Continue reading Wider Learning Resources: Nov 2018