Natural Resource Extraction: Cobalt Mining

Elazia - Year 11 Student Editor's Note: This thought-provoking essay on the topic of natural resources, specifically cobalt, the need to conserve them and the deplorable conditions in which young cobalt miners work is a pertinent matter in modern society. Elazia Y11 writes with detail and care, imploring the reader in her conclusion to think … Continue reading Natural Resource Extraction: Cobalt Mining

A Brief Insight into Modern Terrorism

Tom - GSAL Alumnus (2019 Leaver) Editor’s Note: Former student Tom (2019 Leaver) was an editorial member of Salutaris, the Sixth Form academic journal, during his time at GSAL. This insightful essay was originally published in Salutaris 2019, a project led by Mrs Gray, E-Learning Designer. CPD For many humans in the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly … Continue reading A Brief Insight into Modern Terrorism