Duty: whose duty is it to alleviate poverty?

Ananya - Year 12 Student Editor's Note: Year 12 student Ananya elected to write this carefully researched and well written essay on the chosen word ‘duty’ in response to The Dukes Essay Prize organised by Dukes Education. This competition is inspired by the famous entrance test for All Souls College, Oxford, where students write an essay in response to … Continue reading Duty: whose duty is it to alleviate poverty?

Natural Resource Extraction: Cobalt Mining

Elazia - Year 11 Student Editor's Note: This thought-provoking essay on the topic of natural resources, specifically cobalt, the need to conserve them and the deplorable conditions in which young cobalt miners work is a pertinent matter in modern society. Elazia Y11 writes with detail and care, imploring the reader in her conclusion to think … Continue reading Natural Resource Extraction: Cobalt Mining