“Traduttore, traditore”- ‘The translator is a traitor’

Jessica - Year 13 Student Editor’s Note: This essay forms part of a collection of student works published in the 2020 edition of Salutaris, the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. This is the first time that this piece of work has been published online. CPD ‘All translation is a compromise - the effort to be literal and … Continue reading “Traduttore, traditore”- ‘The translator is a traitor’

C’est Fantastique! French Translation Success

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor Harriet Blackman (Year 13) was runner-up in an A-Level French translation competition organised by the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Kent. Harriet translated a short passage on the theme of immigration written by contemporary author Patrick Chamoiseau from Martinique. Shared below are the French passage, described … Continue reading C’est Fantastique! French Translation Success