Oxford & Cambridge Student Conference

Amy Alexander & Natalia Sanchez Castro – Year 12 Students

Amy and Natalia recently attended an Oxford & Cambridge Student Conference at Aintree racecourse. They now share their experience of the day for future Oxbridge applicants. They have also put together a Top Ten Tips to help guide students considering making a future application to Oxford or Cambridge. CPD

On Wednesday 20th March, 25 of GSAL’s Lower Sixth students arrived at the unusual destination of Aintree Race Track in Liverpool, hopeful and expectant, for the valuable opportunity to attend an Oxbridge Conference. It was a busy day spent alongside hundreds of students from different schools across the nation, each one of them a potential Oxbridge applicant, gathering together to listen to both what the current Oxbridge staff and students had to say!

The event was split into various sessions, giving students the flexibility to pick and choose which ones they would personally most benefit from. From the more general ‘Making a Competitive Application’ and ‘Student Finance’, to the subject-specific talks provided by the university lecturers themselves. ‘Medicine’, ‘Law’, ‘History’, ‘Engineering’, ‘Biology’ – you name it, there was likely a talk! Talks on subjects such as ‘HSPS’ and ‘Archaeology’, which are not currently offered at Sixth-Form level, were found especially interesting, offering an insight into a new academic area. Each talk focused on the contents of the course, and why you might consider applying for it. Other important information, such as the required entry grades, was also covered – do bear in mind that lots of useful information is available online for those who missed the talk.

Unexpectedly, the event also offered the opportunity to experience a lecture-style setting, sitting next to strangers with whom it soon became apparent that the GSAL pupils had lots in common. All in the same boat, the young people were overwhelmingly friendly and perhaps some of our students can look forward to coming across other attendees in years to come.

The majority of students found the day incredibly beneficial, with many now having gained clarity concerning what they wish to study, and whether or not they would consider applying to Oxbridge. In order to make the most of the day, students were recommended to take notes during the talks and chat to the available students and staff, who were more than happy to answer questions: something that proved especially valuable as an opportunity to raise individual-specific queries.

Many thanks go to all the members of staff who made the trip possible, especially Mr. Yates, Mr. Dodd and Mrs Young who accompanied us on the day. We look forward to more opportunities in the future!

Amy Alexander and Natalia Sanchez Castro (Year 12)


What are the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences?

Designed as Open Days on the road, our conferences bring experienced admissions staff, subject specialists and current students from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge to you and your students at venues around the UK.

The events are aimed at Year 12 students (or equivalent) who are studying for their A Levels/IB (or equivalent) and are beginning to consider their options for study beyond sixth form. These full day events provide up to date information about our courses, clearly outline the admissions process and provide students with the opportunity to hear first-hand how our current undergraduate students find life at Oxford and Cambridge. Our aim is for students to leave having explored the breadth of subjects on offer to them, gained a deeper insight into what our courses involve and an understanding of how both universities assess applications.

Oxford & Cambridge Outreach

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