TGJ Newsletter: May 2019

Mr C Dodd – Staff Editor

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses… out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.

Muhammad Ali


Welcome to The GSAL Journal. This new online publication is designed to be a space for students of all ages and abilities to share their passion, curiosity and creativity across all academic subjects and wider areas of interest.

This exciting new project started life as the VI Academic Extension Newsletter, evolving naturally through integration with Salutaris, the Sixth Form academic journal, before migrating online to become The GSAL Journal. The aim is to create an inclusive, stimulating and academically-enriching environment based around a desire to participate, engage and learn through experience, debate and reflection.

From September 2019, a diverse team of student editors from all walks of school life will take responsibility for the leadership of the journal, including the sourcing, collation, peer review and publication of content. Supported by student Faculty Leaders, in partnership with members of 2008 Society and Media Society, the editorial team will oversee the journal on a daily basis. Students will take a leading role in developing high quality, inspirational content that is both relevant and engaging for our current generation of young people. From writing and podcasting through to vlogging and even documentary film making, The GSAL Journal will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their brilliance.

All content in The GSAL Journal is easily searchable by news, clubs & societies, faculties/subject areas, and academic extension. If your particular area of interest is not currently visible in the journal, why not get involved and share what you love? If you would like to find out more about The GSAL Journal, please read the About page and/or submit a Contact request and we will be in touch. The GSAL Journal is also active on Twitter @gsaljournal. CPD


Editor’s Picks

Student Contributions

The Medical Application of Bioluminscence – an essay by Julia Fiegler-Rudol (Year 9)

Could the neutrino be the most interesting particle in physics? – an essay by Flaka Tahiri (Year 12)

The Cryptanalysis of Enigma – an essay by Matthew Abel (Year 10)

Review: Talk by Tim Marshall – reviews by Tom White (Year 13) and Benjamin Bissett (Year 8) of the recent talk at GSAL by Tim Marshall, author of ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and ‘Divided’.

Salutaris 2019Salutaris is the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. It is an annual publication which provides Sixth Form students the opportunity to showcase their academic writing. It also provides a number of students with editorial experience. The 2019 edition includes a foreword by Mrs Merrick, then articles by Amir Khan, Beth Jordan, Charis Winter, Aadarsh Nemana, Harriet Blackman, Lauren McGaun, Nicole Kelly, Sam Slater, Tom White.

Leaders Are Readers: Book Reviews – more book reviews written by student members of 2008 Society, including ‘The Hate U Give’ reviewed by Benjamin Bissett (Year 8) and ‘Double Cross’ reviewed by Yuan Xu (Year 8).

Oxford & Cambridge ConferenceAmy Alexander (Year 12) and Natalia Sanchez Castro (Year 12) recently attended an Oxford & Cambridge Student Conference at Aintree racecourse. They now share their experience of the day for future Oxbridge applicants.

Top Ten Tips… Applying to OxbridgeAmy Alexander (Year 12) and Natalia Sanchez Castro (Year 12) recently attended an Oxford & Cambridge Student Conference at Aintree racecourse. They now share their top ten tips for future Oxbridge applicants – and many of their tips are relevant to all universities.

Poem: L’Avenir (The Future) – a poem, written in French by Anna Forshaw (Year 8). Can you translate it back into English?

C’est fantastique! French Translation SuccessHarriet Blackman (Year 13) was runner-up in an A-Level French translation competition organised by the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Kent. Have a go at translating the text, and read Harriet’s prize-winning effort here.

Regular Features

Super-curricular Opportunities: May 2019 – an extensive list of enrichment opportunities, including subject competitions, open days and other events.

Wider Learning Resources: May 2019 – a range of resources to support learning beyond the curriculum.

Oxbridge Bulletin: May 2019 – updates from Oxford and Cambridge, including open days and other resources.

Developing Thinking Skills: May 2019 – develop your thinking skills by taking on some of these puzzles and problems.

What’s News: What might we learn from imaging a black hole? – a small selection of recent news stories worthy of critical thought.

Mr Clements Reads… – a selection of recommended books from Mr Clements in the Lawson Library.

Other Recommendations

Recommended Puzzle Books – Challenging puzzle books are a great way to build confidence and develop your toolkit for tackling complex and unfamiliar subjects.

Recommended Reading for Economists – an up-to-date reading list (courtesy of the tutor2u website) for economists, particularly those who are considering studying the subject at university. Wider reading and offering your thoughts on a particular book / topic will form a key part of any personal statement.

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