Salutaris 2019

Mr C Dodd – Staff Editor

Salutaris is the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. It is an annual publication that provides Sixth Form students the opportunity to showcase their academic writing. It also provides a number of students with editorial experience. The name ‘Salutaris‘ means ‘health-giving’ or ‘beneficial’, i.e. promoting healthy academic discussion and writing that can benefit one’s mind.

Salutaris was set up six or seven years ago and is student led. Students request and collate articles, proof-read and decide on their appropriateness, and then work with staff editors Mrs Gray (E-Learning Designer) and Mr Rushworth (Director of Sixth Form) to publish the annual edition around Easter time.

The GSAL Journal would like to thank the talented student and staff team who have worked together to produce this excellent publication, shared here for everyone to read and enjoy. CPD

The 2019 edition of Salutaris is now published online.


Editors’ Note – Lauren McGaun, Charis Winter, Harriet Blackman, Sam Slater, Callum McGough (Student Editors 2019)

Foreword: A life beyond the classroom? – Mrs A Merrick (Teacher of English)

Is The Odyssey is still relevant to modern life? – Amir Khan

Health care in Norway – Beth Jordan

Is “a sad tale best for winter”? – Charis Winter

Analogue Photography – Aadarsh Nemana

The Articulation of Grief in ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’ – Harriet Blackman

‘The Hate U Give’ – A true reflection of the realities of police violence? – Lauren McGaun

Alexander Hamilton in American History – Nicole Kelly

‘The two-party system is strangling our democracy’ – Sam Slater

A Brief Insight into Modern Terrorism – Tom White

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