Mr Clements Reads… Climate Change and Environment

Mr Clements - Librarian All of these books are available in the Lawson Library at GSAL. Visit the Lawson Library homepage Search the Lawson Library catalogue Climate Change / Environment The young climate activist Greta Thunberg has just been voted Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2019. Climate change is one of the defining … Continue reading Mr Clements Reads… Climate Change and Environment

Salutaris 2019

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor Salutaris is the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. It is an annual publication that provides Sixth Form students the opportunity to showcase their academic writing. It also provides a number of students with editorial experience. The name 'Salutaris' means 'health-giving' or 'beneficial', i.e. promoting healthy academic discussion and writing … Continue reading Salutaris 2019

Recommended Puzzle Books

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor According to Professor Steven Clontz, “generally speaking, a puzzle is any question/problem which satisfies two properties: (1) it is designed to entertain the solver; (2) there is a well-defined solution.” Solving puzzles helps to develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. In all walks of life, from school, college and university … Continue reading Recommended Puzzle Books