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All of the following books are available in the Lawson Library at GSAL.

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Emma Donoghue

From the author of Room comes a gentle, heart- wrenching story of an old man and his great-nephew as they travel to France and discover the painful stories each is carrying.

On Fire

Ben Stokes

The story of England’s electrifying first ever Cricket World Cup triumph, as well as that summer’s momentous Ashes Test series. It is the ultimate insider’s account of the most nerve-shredding but riveting three-and-a-half months in English cricket history.

The Woman in the Window

A. J. Finn

A gripping thriller – soon to be a film – about a woman who idly watches her neighbours and witnesses something horrifying. Almost as gripping is the story behind this book, of an author who lies and deceives at every turn – detailed here.

Modern Flexitarian

Lucy Gwendoline Taylor

A great collection of recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and people who want to cut down on meat – or not, as every recipe is flexible, and has suggested additions & subtractions.

That Reminds Me

Derek Owusu

A short, snappy novel-in-verse that charts the life of its narrator from birth to adulthood, taking in themes of identity, belonging, addiction, dependency, and race.

The Missing

Michael Rosen

Author, poet, educator, and national treasure Michael Rosen has put together this small, vital, heart-breaking book about what happened to his family during World War II. It features interviews, travel accounts, letters, notes, and poetry.


Liz Hyder

A gripping YA novel set in a mine, deep below the surface, where people work, unquestioningly, for the Mayker. Until a newcomer arrives.. Reminiscent of Riddley Walker, this is a stunning debut.

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