Opinion: The Fallacy of a ‘Democratic’ People’s Vote

James Hardy - Year 12 Student City Square. Leeds town centre.25th of August. This momentous day played host to a dazzling pastiche of blue and gold EU flags and placards demanding a “People’s Vote Now”. In the wake of the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament, the  crowd of ‘Remoaners’ felt energised, and the atmosphere … Continue reading Opinion: The Fallacy of a ‘Democratic’ People’s Vote

Salutaris 2019

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor Salutaris is the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. It is an annual publication which provides Sixth Form students the opportunity to showcase their academic writing. It also provides a number of students with editorial experience. The name 'Salutaris' means 'health-giving' or 'beneficial' - i.e. promoting healthy academic discussion and … Continue reading Salutaris 2019