Avital – Year 11 Student

Editor’s Note: This fantastic piece of artwork has previously been shared across various GSAL media platforms, but is fully deserving of a place in The GSAL Journal. With us all spending much more time at home, many of us are taking the opportunity to learn new skills or revisit old ones. After being inspired whilst watching The Beach, Avital decided to expand her artistic abilities and tried her hand at oil painting. We think you’ll agree this depiction of Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty exceptional first attempt! CPD/GSAL

Leonardo‘ (Avital, 2020)

Throughout these difficult times, I’m sure we have all been trying to use different outlets to occupy our time and keep our sanity. I have found that doing art does this quite well for me. This oil painting of a somewhat younger Leonardo DiCaprio is a piece which I did during the half-term holiday, inspired predominately from watching the film ‘The Beach’ starring Leo himself. After watching this film, I felt immediately inspired to start painting something alluding to the movie, and so I endeavored to start my first oil-based painting (‘Leonardo‘), to expand my artistic abilities and allow myself a creative break during these uncertain times. As this was my first ever painting using this complex media, I wasn’t sure what exactly the end product was going to be; however, I am pleased with the outcome. And so, after doing this myself, I would definitely urge my peers and teachers to try something new, and use creativity as an outlet during lockdown.


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