Relative Pronouns in Spanish

Narayan – Year 12 Student

Editor’s Note: Narayan, studying Spanish in Year 12, has produced a fun revision artefact on a difficult grammar point in Spanish: the relative pronouns. RR

Letras / Lyrics

This song’s about pronouns but they’re relative

They’re used in clauses that are relative 

This type of clause is subordinate 

Like “I read a book you recommended”

“That” is a pronoun that is relative 

See I did it again, it’s all relative 

They refer to the noun, or antecedent 

Giving extra detail about the sentence

Like that, which, who, whom or whose 

Whichever one you choose to use is completely up to you 

These aren’t always needed en ingles 

But completely necessary in Spanish 

Speaking of necessary, on to the next bit 

Where we see which clauses are restrictive 

If restrictive, infos added for full cohesion 

If not you dont  need it to complete the (sentence) meaning 

In case of prepositions, what do we do 

Like “the house where he lives” or “the cinema where he goes to”

Ending (a sentence) with a prep, no lo puedo acabar, so

It’s “la casa donde vive”, “el cine adonde va”

There are many questions on how to use “quien”

Do I use it with a subject and a preposition?

If a verb starts a phrase, you can also use it there 

But if it starts with a subject, then you just use “que”

Una cosa sobre “quien” que necesito recordar 

El subjeto necesita ser una persona 

The antecedent ain’t a thing without a situation 

Like “the fact that he was late”, “that he gave an explanation”

If you can’t decide to use a masc fem or plural pronoun

You can just use “lo que” or “lo cual”

That’s all to say on this, think I’m about done 

Thank you for listening, this was quite fun.

Narayan Saimbi

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