Emily – Year 9 Student

Editor’s Note: Are you the new Blake? Many of us have been going for daily walks if able to do so. Borrowing poet William Blake‘s form, Emily Y9 has written her own poem about her recent wanderings. Her poem ends in an uplifting manner; the bit of cheer that we all need right now. KSH

I wander through each public street,

Near where the cows and sheep grow,

Faces filled with worry I meet,

But when passing (staying 2 metres away obviously) we say hello.


In every surgical mask of every Man,

In every infants cry of boredom,

In every blaze of wind, in every ban,

It may be like this till autumn.


How the roads are now vacant,

Every store is now closed,

And the people are not adjacent,

As PPE is disposed.


But through Thursday 8pm streets I hear,

How the neighbours clap for the NHS,

Blasts of whistles and positive shrieks,

We will get through this nonetheless.


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