United amidst adversity

Aqib – Year 11 Student

Editor’s note: GSAL student Aqib, now in Year 12, provides the context for this wonderful poem in his own words: “I have been greatly inspired to write just a short poem on a topic that I feel strongly about: this, of course, is the racial tension ravaging the world today. It is a poem which is intended to provide inspiration to absolutely anyone who cares to read it, describing the potential that we are capable of reaching; we are capable of changing the world to promote total equality of people of any race, religion or any other factors that some members of society use to divide us. I am unsure whether it is any good, or if it can be shared during the course of the celebration of Black History Month, but following some encouragement from some friends I have decided to share it with you.” CPD/JLH

United amidst adversity

It matters not how your hair grows,

Your faith, shade of skin or colour your eyes glow,

If your height rivals trees or if you stand quite low,

Your style of clothes or what shoes cover your toes,

Your preference of music or TV shows,

Remember a single fact that must remain close,

One oblivious to those who can’t see past their own nose –

We’re all uniquely brilliant; this everyone knows,

And it’s equal value and respect we all deserve and should hold,

Except today people believe and spread the lies they are sold,

For many wanting diversity they swarm around, and do more than scold,

For many it’s too late for their hearts to be consoled,

How many lives must be abused before change is seen? We’re not told,

Yet still, under pressure from the oppressors we will not fold,

Instead we’ll propel ourselves into an age greater than gold,

Where acceptance is an ever present, unlike times of old,

When generations before us refused to break their intolerable mould,

Together we will stand for justice, we will have to be bold,

In search of a fairer tomorrow, with a revolution that’s controlled,

Attempting to leave behind this current world that feels so ruthless and cold,

We await an arduous task, facing a long, convoluted road,

But we will toil, so the children who follow us have a reputation to uphold.

Aqib 825996

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