Witold Pilecki: The Auschwitz Volunteer

Oliver - Year 12 Student & Chief Editor, Humanities Journal Editor's note: Oliver shares here the remarkably brave life of Polish resistance fighter Witold Pilecki, the so-called 'Auschwitz volunteer'. As Oliver notes, "[a]lthough exalted today by his compatriots, Pilecki deserves to be better known... He is remembered today as a national hero in Poland and, … Continue reading Witold Pilecki: The Auschwitz Volunteer

Strategies used to control the coronavirus pandemic

Anushree - Year 9 Student Editor's note: Talented student Anushree, now in Year 10, recently undertook extensive research into the wide-ranging strategies implemented by nations around the world as they attempted to control the coronavirus pandemic in its early stages. The pandemic has evolved since this article was originally written and the statistics have therefore … Continue reading Strategies used to control the coronavirus pandemic