News From… MUN of Hamburg 2019

Mei Whattam – Year 12 MUN Member & Editor-in-Chief, Humanities Journal

GSAL delegates excel at the Model United Nations of Hamburg

The 12 new delegates from GSAL flourished under the intensity of four days of debate, displaying zeal, avidity and ardour for their allocated topics across nine committees, assemblies and councils hosted at the Gymnasium Meiendorf, Hamburg.

The annual MUNOH conference gathers over 200 delegates from a plethora of countries, including Cyprus, Denmark, Norway and Spain, for negotiation to craft resolutions most fitting for the topic represented at hand; GSAL was allocated the delegations of France and the Dominican Republic, with both nations being skillfully represented across the conference.

From the Indo-Pakistan Conflict with special regard to the Kashmir region to discussing the question of Human Genetic Modification concerning hereditary diseases, GSAL delegates were engaged in a multitude of fascinating and varying topics, with each special commission, council and committee debating on 3-4 current issues selected by the conferneces’ student organizers over a period of four days; for members of the General Assembly, this included a meeting of the whole Assembly on the final two days, in which all five delegates argued eloquently and pragmatically.

The GSAL delegation at the MUN of Hamburg conference, 2019.

Oliver Daniels was awarded Most Outstanding Delegate for his work in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, and James Hardy (Human Rights Council), Elle Fang (Special Commission on Science) and myself, Mei Whattam, (Decolonisation and Special Political Committee) all won Most Distinguished Delegate in our respective debates representing France.

A special mention must go to Ted Borland, who garnered the achievement of Most Distinguished Delegate in the Security Council; this is a highly prestigious award, with the Security Council attracting the best delegates from each participating school. An Honorable Mention also went to Aneesh Varma, recognising his efforts as the Dominican Republic in the Council.

GSAL’s prowess and sedulousness was also reflected in the Best Delegation award, which was given to France, showing the capability of the students in their ability to work a room and create insightful speeches, amendments and resolutions.

Members of the GSAL MUN Society, all of whom were first timers at an international conference, were also provided the opportunity to integrate with other delegates via a plethora of social events, providing valuable time to forge friendships and international relations both inside and out of their respective committees.

More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together.

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, the former Secetary-General of the United Nations once said ‘More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together.’ The spirit embodied by GSAL pupils at MUNOH 2019 perfectly reflected this sentiment, making this hope very much a realistic one at this year’s conference.Finally, special thanks are extended on behalf of all students to Miss. Haigh and Mr. Stodonly who allowed GSAL’s participation and whose hard workallowed the delegates to flourish in Hamburg.

Mei 620640

Get Involved

By role-playing meetings like the Security Council and General Assembly, participants get a unique insight into how the United Nations works. They research, debate and try to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems just like the real thing. It’s great fun, giving you the opportunity to meet new people. It also helps you develop and demonstrate key skills like public speaking, teamwork and negotiation which will look great on your CV. Speak to Miss Haigh and Mr Stodolny, or visit the MUN website to find out more. CPD

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