Lockdown Poem

Sarika - Year 8 Student Editor's note: Year 8 student Sarika's Lockdown Poem was written in response to the Daily Telegraph Teen Writing Competition, 2021. Sarika's choice of topic is highly appropriate, capturing beautifully some of the challenges presented by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. CPD On November 2019, When all was good, Something went wrong. … Continue reading Lockdown Poem

Lockdown Life

Dhruv - Year 9 Student Editor's note: Year 9 student Dhruv writes here about his personal experiences of coronavirus lockdown. He talks of missing the joys of summer and playing cricket, but comes to realise the value of social interaction, time spent with family, and even time spent in the classroom. This is Dhruv's third … Continue reading Lockdown Life

‘New Assignment’: the evil, soul-destroying message

Kartik - Year 10 Student Editor's Note: Written as part of his studies in English Language, the sense of threat and the lack of opportunity for escape comes across really strongly in this edited version of Kartik’s longer piece. The phrase ‘New Assignment’ may also strike fear in the hearts of those posting them during … Continue reading ‘New Assignment’: the evil, soul-destroying message