Lockdown Poem

Sarika – Year 8 Student

Editor’s note: Year 8 student Sarika’s Lockdown Poem was written in response to the Daily Telegraph Teen Writing Competition, 2021. Sarika’s choice of topic is highly appropriate, capturing beautifully some of the challenges presented by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. CPD

On November 2019,

When all was good,

Something went wrong.

Something came quickly,

And destroyed everything.

Something that was deadly

And a name we never heard before,

It was Covid-19.

It’s full name was Coronavirus,

Very disastrous.

Corona for short,

More worse that a wart.

It took a holiday to every country,

Which made us more than grumpy.

It kept making people ill,

Which increased the bill.

Then it hit every country,

And people were sadly dying.

It made everyone so sad,

Then they started crying.

Schools were closed,

And all the learning was online.

I miss my friends,

And they miss me.

When people went out,

Or maybe for shopping,

They had to wear a mask,

Otherwise things are bad for them.

About wearing a mask,

It’s a big task.

But we need to,

To not get ill.

We’ve been in lockdown for quite a while,

It’s hard to raise a smile.

The NHS workers are angels,

Key workers too.

Working hard at hospital.

Wearing PPE,

Is a hard job,

But it’s worth it,

They are all very brave.

No one wanted this to  go on,

So people put their thinking caps on,

And scientists decided to save the world,

By the help of a vaccine.

The vaccine is still not finished,

But saving lives.

One by one the people are safe,

By the virus that is a disgrace.

When the virus is gone,

We’ll celebrate and bond.

A smile on our faces, and go all around places!

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