Which Discworld character would you be, as a student?

Abi – Year 12 Student

Editor’s note: Year 12 student Abi produced this excellent piece of work as part of studies in English Language. Mrs Kurczij was suitably impressed and recommended Abi’s work for publication in The GSAL Journal. CPD

Are you as charming as Moist von Lipwig? Or would Commander Vimes match your grit and determination? Find out below.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld has been must read fantasy for decades. For many avid readers it’s the perfect way to escape into a colourful world of wit, magic and adventure that brings a welcome distraction from day to day life.

The past year has challenged many aspects of society: institutional racism, social isolation and whether it is truly possible to watch everything on Netflix.

But, for all his cyncism, Pratchett was known for insightful commentary and his books have- to much surprise- rekindled a love of fantasy and given many readers a new perspective on those issues prevelant in modern society.

What you’re reading now is lighter take on these characters. You might be looking for something else, so if you’re a fantasy phobic, a Stanley with detail, or only attend school under duress, I suggest you return to whatever assignment you’re currently avoiding.

Still with me? Great. Once you’re ready, imagine everyone in your school has one of three personalities which conviniently correspond to those of: Granny Weatherwax, Commander Samuel Vimes, and ex-conman Moist von Lipwig.

Quiz: Which Discworld character would you be?

We all imagine ourselves on the Disc but which character would you really be? Simply select each statement that best describes you.

Your result

That’s it. Check which letters you picked and then read on to find out which character fits you.

Mostly As: your match is Commander Samual Vimes: focused, peserverant and not afraid of hard work. You love understanding every detail of a subject which could serve you well in academics or engineering.

Mostly Bs: your match is Moist von Lipwig: confident, sociable, idealistic. Your flair for the dramatic suggests a future in the arts, but your way with words could mark you down for a career in writing or politics.

Mostly Cs: your match is revered witch, Granny Weatherwax: resolute and self-assured, you never let others define you. With your pragmatism and independence, you could make a difference as a police officer or charity worker.

There’s your answer, see you around.

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