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Mariam Shan – Year 12 LEAP Business Member

Year 12 students bravely taking the LEAP into running their own business

The Leeds Enterprise Advisory Programme (LEAP) is an opportunity to showcase your business acumen through running your own company during Year 12. You work in teams of up to 10 students selling almost anything you want (within reason). As a team you will brainstorm ideas and eventually come up with a product mix which you will sell to the public at various trade fairs during the school year.

…gaining confidence, working within a team, managing money, financial modelling, dealing with the public and problem solving.

Mariam Shan

I decided to do LEAP as it not only complemented my business A Level but provided a variety of skills including: gaining confidence, working within a team, managing money, financial modelling, dealing with the public and problem solving. These skills are transferrable in all fields of work and therefore LEAP isn’t just suited for those wanting to work in the business world. The experience you gain from LEAP is truly something new and different for GSAL pupils (especially managing money and producing financial records) as most students won’t learn these skills until higher education. This should differentiate you from the other university applicants as well as making you seem more employable.

Can Mariam’s company emulate the success of last year’s GSAL company ‘Mad Hatters’, who won ‘Best LEAP Company 2017/2018’?

Ultimately, the best part of LEAP is the enjoyment you get from keeping a share of the profits and, for some, gaining your first bit of income. Mariam Shan (Year 12)


Get Involved

The Leeds Enterprise Advisory Programme (LEAP) is open to all students in Year 12. It represents an ideal opportunity for students to gain ‘hands on’ experience of running a business. Individual business groups are made up of eight to ten students who work together to produce a product or provide a service to sell at trade fairs and other events. Individual students take on specific roles in the business, such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance or Production Director. Business specialists are invited into school periodically to share their business experience and offer advice to students. LEAP develops specific business skills alongside other transferrable skills including team-working, communication, time management and public speaking. The LEAP year runs from September to May and requires a commitment to attend weekly business meetings and other events. It is viewed very highly by universities and employers alike. Speak to Ms Ward (Economics) to find out more. CPD

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