Recommended Read: Bad Science

Shazia Sarela – Year 13 Aspirant Medic

Bad Science

Goldacre, Ben (2008)

“Bad Science” by Ben Goldacre, while promoted as a must-read for those interested in medicine or pharmacology, is a book that will be truly enjoyed by anyone interested in science, statistics or the truth. The book focuses on the lies and half-truths that exist within the drug and healthcare industry, how they can be identified and how the average person can help combat the issue. Goldacre takes on hard-hitting controversies such as those surrounding the MMR vaccine but also engages in debates such as the effectiveness of homeopathy and the ethics surrounding the use of placebos in medicine. A truly brilliant book that is engaging, well-written, thought-provoking and even funny at times, it certainly changes ones perception about what to believe and how to dispel myths and facts without evidence. If you enjoy this book and all things data, check out these two excellent websites: Hans Rosling’s Gap Minder, and Our World In Data.  Shazia Sarela (Year 13)

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