Sun Salutation

Vidya – GSAL Alumna (2019 Leaver)

Editor’s Note: Former GSAL student Vidya has just finished her Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course at Leeds Arts University; she has now secured a place at the world-renowned art and design college Central Saint Martin’s in London. SJK

As Vidya writes for the Leeds Arts University 2020 showcase, “­Endurance is a funny word. ‘The ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.’ You would think if something was unpleasant you would turn your back, not gravitate towards it – not want to endure it. Endurance is extreme and seems absurd, but what would happen if endurance was mundane? 

I have subverted the ordinary, the ‘normal’. Private and habitual rituals have been raised from the peripheral to become focal. My work elevates this concept of mundanity through an obscure perspective, juxtaposing visual and audio elements which behave as separate entities within the same time frame to produce unsettling outcomes. 

The beauty of our daily activities is that we mark them in private; shaving our legs; clipping our toenails; even cleaning our ears. I wanted to challenge this notion of performing these acts behind closed doors through colouration and movement. I want to celebrate these private acts: confronting you and you and you.


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