Salutaris 2020: Editors’ Note

Sam & Joshua – Year 13 Students

Welcome to Salutaris, a collection of academic articles written as a farewell from the Class of 2020 at the admittedly unusual culmination of our time at GSAL. This serves as a first step into research and analysis that will become our lives as we move forward onto further study across a huge variety of subjects and vocations that will define successful, impactful and meaningful careers. What must also be explicitly clear is that Salutaris is the celebration of valued time spent exploring varied interests at an institution like GSAL that fosters curiosity and provides the support to engage and drive students like us to expand our horizons.

The following articles were written at a simpler time, when life was busy, yet focused. The greatest of our worries was the impending mock exams and later public exams that loomed on the horizon, but there was a familiarity to the cycle of learning, revising and relaxing that we had settled into come our second to last term at senior school. In the midst of this, being offered the opportunity to write an article in Salutaris 2020 was a welcome challenge, and asked us as students to think beyond our curricula and make an attempt at diving into the world of academic writing. We hope that you enjoy reading these ventures, and that they provide a respite from the uncertainties and difficulties we now face today.

This editors’ note would not be complete without taking the time to thank and pay tribute to a teacher who will be greatly missed when he retires at the end of this academic year, Mr Law. We would like to thank him for both his contribution to this year’s journal, and also his commitment to improving the education of so many students throughout the school. I have been fortunate enough to partake in many activities alongside Mr Law during my time in Sixth Form, from which I have begun to grasp just how much he cares about his pupils. His lessons are fascinating and offer a rich insight into the study of economics, whilst simultaneously providing some of the most entertaining moments of my school life thanks to his quick-wittedness and sense of humour. I have also seen how Mr Law cares for the wider community. When, sadly, a national economics competition recently stopped, he restarted it for the smaller local area, inviting other schools to GSAL to continue the tradition. His unfaltering dedication to the school has been an inspiration, and I know that I and many other students will take his advice with us into higher education and beyond.

Sam 974140 & Joshua 299463

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