Young Scientists Journal

Mr C Dodd – Staff Editor

Inspiring and Nurturing the Scientists of the Future

What is the YSJ?

The Young Scientists Journal is an international peer-review science journal written, reviewed and produced by school students aged 12 to 20. The YSJ is a place for young people to publish their scientific research. Print issues of the journal are released twice a year, packed with original research, review articles, reports and interviews. The journal helps bridge the gap between school and university science, introducing students to a more collaborative approach to science.

What subjects are covered?

Any subject area that undertakes research according to the basic principles of the scientific method. Subjects may include, but are not limited to: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Geography, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Psychology, Technology.

You can develop and publish suitable work that you have completed as part of an EPQ or NEA.

What are the benefits?

Publishing research is a core part of the scientific method. Publishing content through the YSJ will develop unique skills covering aspects such as writing style, abstracts, literature review, referencing and peer review. Applying to university having already published and/or edited content in a peer-reviewed academic journal will definitely make you stand out, both on paper and in any future interviews.

How do you get involved?

Read—100s of articles are available online, and a print edition is published twice per year.

Publish—submit your own original research, or a review article, blog post or magazine-style article.

Attend—the YSJ hosts an annual conference, usually held in September at a leading university in the UK.

Join—a range of student roles are available, from editorial, production, outreach, and PR and marketing.

If you would like to find out more, visit the YSJ website and/or contact Mr Dodd.

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