Salutaris 2020

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor Welcome to the 2020 edition of Salutaris, the GSAL Sixth Form academic journal. It is an annual publication that provides Sixth Form students in their final year of study the opportunity to showcase their academic writing. It also provides a number of students with editorial experience. The name ‘Salutaris’ … Continue reading Salutaris 2020

Computational Integration – How do we integrate?

Jake - Year 12 Student Editor's Note: Talented Year 12 mathematician Jake writes here on the complex topic of computational integration. This essay was entered into the Teddy Rocks Maths Competition organised by St. Edmund Hall, Oxford; you can view Jake's essay published on the website here. CPD Introduction Let me preface by exploring why … Continue reading Computational Integration – How do we integrate?

Wider Learning Resources: Oct 2018

Mr C Dodd - Staff Editor Underground Mathematics These resources from Cambridge help students build firm foundations for mathematical understanding by connecting ideas and developing techniques. Free online STEP support Developed by the Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics and NRICH, a new online STEP Support Programme has been designed to help potential university applicants develop their advanced … Continue reading Wider Learning Resources: Oct 2018